The World's First Visual Media Real-Estate Listing Platform!
ClickyHomes gives agents the tools to tell better stories with visual media that take you from average to Superstar! Listing features include Video, Live-Streaming, Youtube 360, and Matterport 3D
What is ClickyHomes?
Imagine that Zillow and YouTube had a baby! But in a weird twist of fate, that baby was raised by a group of client-inspired, innovation-loving, strategy-driven Superstar Real Estate Agents. If you can imagine that, you’ll start to understand ClickyHomes!
People love visual media. And they love real estate. ClickyHomes combines these two worlds on a listing platform. Now every agent has the power to market homes as if they had their own reality show (ex: Million  Dollar Listing).
How It Works?
Create Your Showcase Page
Complete your profile, add client reviews, and post testimonial videos. It’s easy!
List Homes For Sale
List a home in just 5 minutes. Use modern tech like video, 360, and Matterport 3d.
Develop Your Brand
Differentiate yourself from all the other ((boring)) agents. Be a listing Superstar!
Convert Prospects Into Clients!
Save your money and replace your website with a ClickyHomes Showcase Page!
It’s full of features to help market you and the homes you're selling.  And...the design is scientifically proven to convert prospects into clients.
Listings That Make You Go "Wow"
Use the ClickyHomes tools to bring life to your listings. Our tools make your marketing "As Real As Being There." Your buyers and sellers will simply say "Wow!"
And you'll never be an average agent again!
ClickyHomes Features
Give clients the home buying and selling experience they DESPERATELY want.
These are the powerful tools that make it possible!
Live-Streaming Tours
Hold a live-streaming tour right from your listing page using Facebook Live (more options coming soon).

Live-Streaming Open Houses
Now buyers can attend an open house from anywhere in the world. All you need is a smartphone and a home to sell.
Easily add videos to your listings and Showcase Page. And there are no restrictions on the amount, quality, or duration of your videos.
YouTube 360
Add YouTube 360 videos to your listings by just copying and pasting a URL. All you need (besides us) is a $200 camera and a smartphone.

Matterport 3D Tours
Give buyers an interactive 3D experience with our Matterport feature. Use it to sell more homes and get more listings.

Unlimited Listings
No listing limits! And because we don't use the MLS - you can even display your Sold Listings to show prospects your previous work.

Agent Showcase Page
The Agent Showcase Page displays your listings, client reviews, bio, and contact info. It's a landing page dedicated to getting you, new clients!

Facebook Pixels
Add your Facebook pixel to your account, and we'll place it on your Showcase Page and each of your listings.

Build a Following
If users click your “Follow” button, we add you to their favorites. Then we notify users of your newest listings and most recent closings.

No Cost Lead Capture
Leads from your contact forms are sent directly to you - nobody else - and at no extra cost.

Always Mobile-Friendly
Clickyhomes looks great on any mobile device. Which is good, because 70% of your prospects will be viewing your listings from a phone.

Powerful Search Technology
Users can search for listings, live events, videos, and top-rated agents. We do all we can to make real estate search an enjoyable experience.

Grow Your Business With The ClickyHomes Visual Media Tools
ClickyHomes is the first listing platform that fully embraces modern visual media tools like video, virtual tours, and live-streaming.
Boring and lame is...OUT!
Interactive, relational, and fun is...IN!
Our tools will help you sell more homes. Will help you provide better service to your clients. And help you develop a brand that gets people demanding you - and only you - as their agent!
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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to pay for updates?
No! We continuously update our software and add new features. We are always looking for new ways to get leads and get homes sold! One of the many benefits you will come to cherish.
Is the ClickyHomes site secure?
Yes!  Our website is secured with an SSL certificate.  We are serious about keeping things secure.
If I have a question, is there someone I can contact?
Yes! Customer support is one of our top priorities. 
How long will it take to get my account up and running?
Signing up takes less than 60 seconds. Completing your showcase page only takes a few minutes. And listing property can be done in less than 5 minutes.
Can I list commercial property?
No. ClickyHomes currently only supports improved residential property.
Do I need to be tech-savvy (a computer geek) to use this?
No, we made it really simple to use. And we're available to help you through any issues.

Start Your Free 14 Day Trial
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